About the show

How to draw, in under three minutes

Ever wanted to draw a squirrel (decking a grizzly bear), an aardvark (with its nose stuck in a hoover), or a goose (ruining a kid’s birthday party)?

Earth Sketch Pad gives you the best tools, tips and hacks to draw amazing animals, cartoon landscapes and natural phenomenon - and all three minutes or less! Which is great, but where’s the fun in just drawing something? Surely, it’s more fun to let your imagination run wild?

Watch as our artists Lorna, Musa and Ricky, armed only with a pad of paper, jumbo markers, and a huge dollop of mischief, turn their awesome animal drawings into something altogether sillier and weirder.

A Venus fly trap chomping on a giraffe? Check. A broke shark hoping to cash in from the Tooth Fairy? Done. A cute bunny causing a hurricane with its farts? Yeah, we’ve got that too.

Earth Sketch Pad - totally wild drawings, in under three minutes.


Despite having wings, penguins are flightless birds. Their wings are for swimming only.

Some species of shark have 45 teeth, arranged in seven rows. They can go through 30,000 teeth in a lifetime!

Hippos can spray their poo up to ten metres from their butts. That’s further than the length of a London bus!

Octopuses don’t have any tentacles. Yes, that’s right! Zero. They have eight ARMS. Tentacles tend to only have suckers on the end.

Lorna Harrington, presenter of Earth Sketch Pad

Lorna Harrington

Lorna has always been interested in art from a young age. Whether it be painting, sketching, animation or graphic design, she loves it!

Lorna graduated with a degree in Illustration from the University of Portsmouth, and hasn't looked back. She has since created work for Dr Martens, Wildscreen Festival and The Royal Opera House to name a few. Lorna’s day job is as a Designer for the renowned animation company Aardman Animations in Bristol.

Animals are Lorna’s favourite subject to sketch (the cuter the better!) She likes to experiment with bright colours, shading and textures. Her love of art makes presenting Earth Sketch Pad Lorna’s dream job. She hopes to inspire others to pick up their pens and get doodling! 

Lorna often posts illustrations on her instagram page @Lorna_Leigh_Designs.

Musa Drammeh, presenter of Earth Sketch Pad

Musa Drammeh

Musa’s been in love with drawing ever since he could hold a pen. His mum says it was a way to keep him quiet, always asking friends she was visiting if they had pencil and paper so little Musa wouldn’t make trouble!

He didn’t realise he was actually good at drawing until he was seven years-old, when people started asking Musa to draw them, and to do “Show and Tell” at primary school. He assumed that his family and friends were just being nice about his talent!

Fast-forward a decade, and Musa has fulfilled his dream of being a full-time artist, through his YouTube and Twitch channels, DeMoose Art, where he specialises in amazing ballpoint pen deawings. He says it's brought him “ultimate happiness”. And more biros than you could ever imagine!

Ricky Martin, presenter of Earth Sketch Pad

Ricky Martin

Ricky was created in the mid-1980s, when a beanie and one of those multi-coloured clicky pens accidentally fell into a jar of plasma in a lab, and fused to create a small art gremlin.

After a successful music career, he decided to stop living la vida loca, and settled down to his first passion: art, which he was quite good at. A couple of people agreed that he was “quite good at the old pen ’n’ paper", which led him to work for Aardman Animations, and to front the CBBC series Art Ninja, though you might not recognise him from that, as he had hair back then.

He lives in London, with a collection of skateboards and three animated pterodactyls, none of which are called Terry.