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Meet pedigree personalities and their bezzie furry friends!

Ever wondered why your favourite Insta-star lives with a tabby cat, or what made that actor get a cocker spaniel? Or maybe you just want to find out what life is like owning a tortoise. VIPets is the place to get all those answers and more.

Our nosiness knows no limits, as Jessie Oghenegweke pokes into every corner of a famous person’s life with their pampered pet. Where do they sleep? What’s dinner time like? When do they play together? And most importantly of all, just how much poo is involved?

In fact, we’re so nosy on VIPets, that we ask our guest to film a video diary of their daily life with their pet pal. Get to see how some of your favourite faces live with and love their animal friends, in **exclusive behind the scenes **looks at their lives.

And to finish it all off, we ask our star to answer a bunch of searching questions from the perspective of their pet, while drawing their VIPet Portrait. The results are… mixed, but always worth seeing!

VIPets - the best place to meet pedigree personalities and their bezzie furry friends!


The Golden Retriever originates at the home of Lord Tweedmouth, in the Highlands of Scotland, in the 1860s.

Tortoises (and turtles) are the only animals that form a shell which COMBINES their ribs and spinal bones, rather than growing them independently on the outside of their bodies.

Big or small, all domestic dogs in the world today can be linked to the Gray Wolf.

Recent archaeological digs and new evidence suggest humans could have had house cats for over 12,000 years!


Jessie Oghenegweke, host of VIPets

Jessie Oghenegweke

Jessie has always wanted to be a presenter. When she was younger, she used to stand in the middle of the living room and pretend to be Dermot O'Leary during The X Factor’s commercial breaks. So at 16, she moved from Norfolk to London in search of her dream.

She became a production apprentice at BBC Radio 1, where she learned loads, and shadowed roles on CBeebies shows like Biggleton and Andy's Safari Adventures. In other jobs, she’s presented anti-online bullying workshops to over 10,000 young people, and has interviewed Rita Ora, Annie Mac and many more for ELAM and RockCorps, helping to inspire young people to achieve their goals.

Coming from Norfolk, Jessie’s always loved the countryside - feeding baby lambs, regular visits to Banham Zoo, and a holiday to Cyprus where she saw lizards, scorpions and snakes in their natural habitats, are particular highlights for her. But nothing will top coming home from school with FIVE giant African land snails. Mum was not amused….